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Lack motivation and need tips to do housework fast

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2015mom Fri 26-Aug-16 12:31:50

I have a LO who is 11 months and I lack motivation to do much around the house but I know I need to keep on top of it. I try and do lists but ignore it. I need motivation or a kick up the ass and tips of doing housework fast

Please help thanks

2015mom Fri 26-Aug-16 12:32:31

All I aim to do is feed the LO and me and clean the kitchen almost everyday and washing is never ending I will do washing but take ages to put it away

ginorwine Fri 26-Aug-16 17:28:21

I had a am routine - just did as much as I cd for a set time each am .
When Dc older they can have pretend jobs .

Wash on each night . Dry am .away teatime - in theory !

Bin85 Fri 26-Aug-16 17:36:09

I don't like housework either
Some jobs need doing most days so do these in bursts of 15 minutes using a timer . It may motivate you to keep going.
If you still have time , think of 6 jobs and throw a dice do whatever comes up. Kids like this too.You don't have to do all 6 but you will have done something .Flylady has a few good tips too.

2015mom Fri 26-Aug-16 17:36:32

Thanks for that ginorwine... I was thinking maybe do as much as I can in the morning and then relax for the afternoon because LO is more happier in the morning... Makes sense to get it all done and dusted out of the way

ginorwine Fri 26-Aug-16 17:55:11

That's what I found .
Also if they expect that pattern it may work better ?
I had two under 2 and it was the only time I cd get things done . I also prepped tea then when possible . I Wd sometimes have baby next to me doing it - didn't always work but it was my aim !
Then I knew whatever else came I the day that was it .i preferred to rest myself when they slept or whatched tv so that was my motivation ! 😜

2015mom Fri 26-Aug-16 20:33:57

Yeah that is a great idea and incentive of doing it all is to rest or watch tv which is a godsend when u get the time

I will defo have to motivate myself to do the mornings chores and relax in the evening

ginorwine Fri 26-Aug-16 20:58:26

Yes an hour or so doing what I liked in the day made me 😄As well as more able to manage other parts of the day .
Good luck 😄

barney11 Fri 26-Aug-16 21:43:51

I find having a set thing to do each day of the week means that all major jobs are done once a week but it doesn't feel overwhelming. Laundry and keeping the kitchen vaguely decent are daily activities but on top of that i have a timetable - monday = change bed linen and towels (includes washing, drying and putting away the old set), tuesday = dust and hoover, wednesday = clean upstairs bathroom, thursday = clean downstairs toilet and mop kitchen floor, friday = a job from my list of things that needs doing but not on a weekly basis e.g clean inside windows, declutter toys, sort next size up clothing etc. This Friday element also allows for a 'free' day e.g if i've felt ill one day in the week and not been able to do that days cleaning activity i can take the day off and bump the activity to Friday instead.

2015mom Fri 26-Aug-16 23:54:55

That is very helpful .... Definetly have to get my ass into gear
Too much of candy crush and box sets motivate me to sit on my ass

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