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Getting rid of smell of urine

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weirdstuff22 Tue 23-Aug-16 21:06:18

Anyone any ideas to get rid of the smell of urine? My 6 year old constantly wees all over the floor and has even managed to wee up the wall before! He just doesn't watch where he is pointing his willy! Luckily we have Lino down on the floor and the wall has plastic up, I have tried mopping with bleach and wiping the wall down with bleach but the smell is always back as soon as the initial bleach smell has gone.

I am now positive I can smell urine throughout the house and it's awful. Any ideas to get rid of the smell? I have told my son off time and time again and to watch where he is squirting it but he doesn't listen. My youngest is still using the potty most of the time too which doesn't help but it gets rinsed out every time it's used and then I clean it properly on a night time once he's in bed.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 23-Aug-16 21:15:30

I would invest in a couple of those pedestal mats and wash every night so it's not soaking through the flooring and make him sit to pee!

Wotshudwehave4T Tue 23-Aug-16 21:31:21

Try Simple Solution from Pets At Home, for neutralising dog and cat wee. I used it on DS' stinking leather shoes when he came home from nursery having had accidents hours earlier. Used it neat, allowed to soak in, tipped excess out and they were fresh as a daisy. It didn't discolour the shoes but may wreck Lino- worth a go perhaps

PitchFork Tue 23-Aug-16 21:35:19

soapy water made with bio washing powder. or stuff from the pet shop.
and tell him to sit down!

bonzo77 Tue 23-Aug-16 21:36:13

It's pretty badly got under the Lino and into the woodwork / plaster. Sorry. A friend showed a photo of the state of the floor after she'd peeled back the vinyl in her toilet. It was unbelievable. Ugh.

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Tue 23-Aug-16 21:36:51

Make him sit down??!

NeedAnotherGlass Tue 23-Aug-16 21:39:20

Biological washing powder/liquid mixed with warm water.

Anothernamechanger1 Tue 23-Aug-16 21:40:49

If it's any consolation my bathroom is like this... Can't smell wee as such.. But it was like this when we moved into our house, rented, I'm too scared to peel the Lino up..//

mypropertea Tue 23-Aug-16 21:43:28

These may help.

Ruhrpott Tue 23-Aug-16 21:50:44

The laminate floor under the downstairs toilet in our new house was disgusting, it stank, was all swollen up and yellow. It was covered up with a mat around the toilet when we looked at the house. One of the first things we did was rip it out and replace it.

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