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Getting rid of ink/pen marks on wall and wooden door

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lolapierce Thu 18-Aug-16 20:58:22

So I've tried using a few tricks such as bicarbonate soda paste (bicarb mixed with water and make it into a paste) and soap & water, but they didn't really work on ink/pen marks. They worked for washable crayons/markers like Crayola. I've bought magic cleaner sponge thingy too, but again, they got rid of crayons easily, but not ink/pen marks. I've tried 40WD as well (that nasty smell spray) and they got rid of crayon marks easily, but wouldn't work at all on ink/pen marks!

One of the tricks I've read when googling is to use a pen eraser, but is it just me that I find it hard to find a pen eraser these days? Considering I've left school a long time ago, I am having troubles finding a place that sells stationary . The only place we can think of is Officeworks, but we live far from an Officeworks outlet.

Also, does anyone have any tips how to get rid of stubborn stain marks and make your wall clean and appears white again? I've accidentally stained the wall after cleaning crayon marks using 40WD spray, I got rid of the crayon marks but I was rushing it when I scrubbed the crayons away (probably the spray hadn't soaked the marks really well), and the whole area got stained and it wouldn't come off no matter how many times i've tried to spray 40WD and washed it with soap and water.
I'm also thinking of using Selley's sugar soap for wall, but I don't want to stain the area more

ijustwannadance Thu 18-Aug-16 21:01:55

Easier to just re-paint it?

yettiLEGS Thu 18-Aug-16 21:05:08

I was advised to try hairspray when my daughter wrote Celia's bed, complete with apostrophe at 4 years old, on her bed.

Spray then rub with a damp cloth.

I can still read it although it's very faint.

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