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How do you clean your bathroom?

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scheepjes Thu 18-Aug-16 12:05:07

I've somehow reached the age of 30-something without really learning to clean a bathroom... I know. They always seem to collect dust and limescale in every possible place and then I feel a bit icky about having to clean it all.

But just had a gorgeous new bathroom fitted and want to keep it gorgeous. So, tell me, how do you clean yours? Do you have a weekly routine? What products do you use?

(I know where I stand on the toilet brush issue, by the way, let's not even go there...)

My new bathroom has fully tiled walls, a bath with a screen, lino floor. I live on my own so no kids or partners using it.

MushyPeeeees Thu 18-Aug-16 12:11:54

To clean the shower and screen i stand in it, I just use fairy liquid. If the bathroom gets really steamy I use a karcher vac to dry the tiles and screen and they come up really nice. Also a bit of white vinegar sprayed onto the tiles and screen gives such a lovely finish. I do this about once a week. Bath and taps just lean over and clean. Again fairy liquid, try not to use anything too harsh if I can help it and if it's all cleaned often enough then it only needs a squirt of fairy liquid.
Same for the sink but I clean the sink most days as it always seems to attract dust and there's always toothpaste or soap left in it from one of the dc!
I steam clean the floor tiles once a week.
Toilet once a week has a good clean with Milton anti bac spray all over and wiped down with kitchen towels and some loo duck in the rim left for a few hours then scrubbed with the loo brush (sorry blush).
Usually wipe down the toilet a couple of times a week too as also seems to collect dust!

Heirhelp Fri 19-Aug-16 10:53:16

Once a week. I clear all the surfaces. Put on my rubber gloves and spray shower tray, bath, sunk and toilet with bathroom cleaner. Chuck some bleach down the toliet. The using a disposable blue cloth I clean all the things above, doing the toliet last. Use glass cleaner to clean the mirror and bathroom lid. Hoover floor and wash using mop.

Every few days I use cleaning wipes to clean the sink and the toliet. Occasionally when in the shower I clean the inside of the class and shower panels.

But now I have a cleaner who does the stuff in the first paragraph.

nickiclarke Fri 19-Aug-16 23:30:52

To clean my shower screen and any limescale i use Viakal If you really want to get your shower screen sparkly clean i use a squeegee to wipe it down after cleaning it.

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