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Maggots in the food bin

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MyEyesNeedBleeching Mon 15-Aug-16 16:27:12

Need urgent help please. I saw maggots in our food bin, collection tomorrow. I bet it was the chicken carcass. I sprayed fly spray on them which helped but I was being inpatient. I'm trying to drown them with boiling water. But how do I dispose the dead bodies? arrgggh, please help!

MyEyesNeedBleeching Mon 15-Aug-16 16:28:06

impatient, inpatient. But I could become inpatient if they don't die soon.

longtermsinglemummy Mon 15-Aug-16 16:28:46

Boiling water with bleach, down the drain.

Gowgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 16:31:13

Mine too, grim! I'm watering the bin with boiling water....nofucking way is it coming inside!

Gowgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 16:32:13

I'm going to bleach tomorrow then collect lots of evening standards and double wrap next week....

Knittedfrog Mon 15-Aug-16 16:32:39

Wait until it's been emptied tomorrow then sling some boiling water and bleach round it and tip it down the nearest road drain.

PepsiPenguins Mon 15-Aug-16 16:35:05

Happened to me the other week - was hideous

Bleach spray and boiling water was what I decided on, but when googling some brave people who had lots of bird wild life left the lid open and the local birds had a feast

I'm just glad I went out to move during daylight as it was horrific and they were actually on my handle confused

PepsiPenguins Mon 15-Aug-16 16:35:46

Bin collection people removed the evidence dead bodies

Gowgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 16:40:13

I think I'm going to put mine out after dinner, I will at least be able to see any escapees.....

MyEyesNeedBleeching Mon 15-Aug-16 16:40:57

Well I wasn't thinking, the food bin has old food waste along with floating dead bodies in pool of water. No sign of survivors but I'm gagging. I have one external drain which is right beside my front door. That could get even more messy and bring more shame publicly. My dog will have to wait for boiled chicken until winter season.

How about garden? I'm doing a project and don't mind killing the grass. Empty it in garden, more boiling water, then put some sand over them. Bag the sand and it goes in general waste? We have a different food caddy but I'm ready to commit the crime of mixing waste for the type of emergency. I won't be able to sleep tonight.

I do need to drain the water for the bin men to collect it though? I should have let them live another day for collection.

celeste83 Mon 15-Aug-16 17:03:05

I don't understand why you can't dispose of the dead maggots in the garden. Failing that flush them down the loo?

Gowgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 17:05:27

Because they. Have a weeks worth of. Food waste under them......

celeste83 Mon 15-Aug-16 17:07:53

I'm sure the bin men will have no quarrels over maggots. Sure they deal with much worse things and deal with maggots all the time.

Gowgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 17:10:33

The bin men are stars its more the eek factor....

celeste83 Mon 15-Aug-16 17:12:27

Are they dead yet Gowgirl?

MyEyesNeedBleeching Mon 15-Aug-16 17:15:23

OK Thanks for all suggestions. I need to calm down first. I have a mix of water, food waste and maggots in the food bin and is more than I can emotionally muster to clean up. If I drain that in the garden, the dead maggots are going to be on the surface so was thinking how to clean that up.

GinAndOnIt Mon 15-Aug-16 17:15:33

I just left my bin full of maggots out and the bin men dealt with it, not a single one left. Surely everyone's is the same?

Gowgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 17:22:30

Just put mine on the front wall, there are no maggots on the outside, so unless someone opens it nosey-- bastards-- they will have no idea....

Gowgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 17:24:11

The food bins are grim in this heat ginandonit, could be waste in the black bin and hanging around for a fortnight <boak>

MyEyesNeedBleeching Mon 15-Aug-16 17:27:09

clever idea, thanks. I have drained excess water down the loo. Will leave the bin out as is and give it a good clean tomorrow. Thankfully it was 20L caddy so could drain it indoors.

MyEyesNeedBleeching Mon 15-Aug-16 17:30:08

Crawling insects are the worst type.

Gowgirl I hope this doesn't stay long in my memory. I get nightmares afterwards seeing such stuff.

RhubarbAndMustard Mon 15-Aug-16 17:32:36

This is why I no longer use my food bin. Everything that can goes in our own compost bin, anything else unfortunately in a bin bag in the black bin.

Gowgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 17:33:19

It's every week at the minute, grab loads of standards and wrap it up really well......

GinAndOnIt Mon 15-Aug-16 17:33:32

Hang on, does your food bin get collected more regularly?! Ours is only collected once a fortnight!

Gowgirl Mon 15-Aug-16 17:33:54

Collected weekly here....

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