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Storing toys and craft supplies

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99littleducks Sat 13-Aug-16 15:25:39


I have a 4 year old and 5 year old who spent most of their time downstairs. I have 2 reception rooms and keep most of their toys, books and things for crafts in the dining room. To store these I have a large bookcase, plastic tower of drawers, sometimes a storage box and even some things under the sofa wink.

But I am not happy with how things are kept. Usually bunged in and when we want to find stuff it is not usually where we would expect it. So I would like to know how you organise these things and if there are any tips so that I don't feel overwhelmed by too much stuff everywhere. Especially art supplies, so that they are accessible but not messy. Looking on pinterest people have done it so creatively but I don't have the space for that kind of thing. Also don't really want to spend too much.

Just for more info there is space to keep things upstairs but they just don't want to spend much time there. I keep puzzles and boardgames under the bed.

Thank you for any tips shared!

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