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Would you/do you put your pashmina in the washing machine?

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pageturner Mon 29-Jan-07 10:38:13

Someone on Woman's hour just said she does.

I have a cream one that I love and have been meaning to get dry cleaned - dare I put it in the washing machine?!

hoxtonchick Mon 29-Jan-07 10:38:56

it would probably be ok on the wool cycle. but i haven't done so with mine....

Tommy Mon 29-Jan-07 10:48:46

I had this problem a couple of years ago and came on here for the answer.....

it was suggested that I put it on a cool wash, in a net bag or pillow case and only used conditioner (i.e. not any detergent)

so that's what I did and it was fine.

(I had worn it to a wedding and got beer on it )

pageturner Mon 29-Jan-07 14:12:23

Thank you Tommy and hoxtonchick!

Any other thoughts?

wotzsaname Mon 29-Jan-07 14:22:55

They can all be called pashmina, however some are different fabric mixes. Some are 100% wool, some with a mix of wool and silk. Some are wool and viscouse, some just viscous.

So all one name, all different mixes, i would follow the label unless it is just viscouse then wash it.

Does it have label?

NannyL Mon 29-Jan-07 14:25:11

I would personally

on a very short cold hand wash gentle cycle, with persil silk and wool or similar

In my experiance nearly EVERYthing that is not alive or 2 big, or made of paper or e;lectrical can go in either a dishwasher or washing machine

this includes not only clothes and plates, but shoes / teddy / dolls clothes / dressing up outfits, the dogs bed/ my handbag in the washingmachine

but toys, duplo, lego, bathroom glasses sandpit toys etc etc

so far NOTHING (yet)has been ruined and the dishwasher and washing machine still work!

My boss has a gorgosue cashemere jumper which is fine in the washing machine

pageturner Mon 29-Jan-07 14:36:08

wotzasaname: it's 70% pashmina (cashmere) and 30% silk. Proper job!

It does say dry clean only, but am tempted to try cool, quick wash in a pillow case...

FioFio Mon 29-Jan-07 14:37:22

Message withdrawn

stleger Mon 29-Jan-07 16:04:35

I hand washed mine and it has smelled like wet dog ever since.

Tommy Mon 29-Jan-07 16:53:06

mine is a "real" one pageturner - ie pashmina and silk

MrsBadger Mon 29-Jan-07 16:55:14

I put my cheap cotton/synthetic ones in (the one that came free with that revolting creamy fabric conditioner comes up brilliantly)

the pukka silk / cashmere ones go to the dry cleaners once a year - I love them to much to risk anything happening to them...

wotzsaname Mon 29-Jan-07 17:26:18

MrsBadger im with you.

pageturner Mon 29-Jan-07 20:52:49

Yeah, (reluctantly) I'm with with the dry clean camp. I'd be gutted if anything disastrous happened to it. [sigh]

Enid Mon 29-Jan-07 20:54:00

I do, all the time

I put it on woollens 15 or 30, let it air dry then iron with hot iron

they are fine (they go a bit fluffy after the first wash)

Enid Mon 29-Jan-07 20:54:38

mine is a 'real' one too

well one of them is, the others are cashmere and silk

pageturner Mon 29-Jan-07 20:56:09

Oh, Enid, now you've thrown me!

NappiesGalore Mon 29-Jan-07 20:57:32

i had a lovely blue one. washed it in the machine. it is no more.

themoon66 Tue 30-Jan-07 22:09:16

I had a black one... with fringes on the ends. I washed it on gentle cycle and still the fringe went all different lengths and tangled in knots.

pageturner Wed 31-Jan-07 11:20:59

OK, you've convinced me, I won't risk it. Thanks all!

pashminasandwraps Tue 06-Sep-16 17:32:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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