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I need reccomendations.

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kittykat8545 Fri 05-Aug-16 15:35:59

Hello, MN! I need some carpet cleaning recommendation. I want somebody professional and fast around the W5 area. wink

wobblywonderwoman Fri 05-Aug-16 15:39:06

Hi op - maybe put carpet cleaner needed in West London and more people likely to reply.

jessica132 Fri 05-Aug-16 15:43:34

I strongly recommend using KK Carpet Cleaning. My carpet had a big dog sh*t decoration after our new neighbors came for a visit. It was stinky and it was awful and it could not be cleaned by anything DH used. I literally have no idea what that dog eats. Anyway, back on the cleaners, they were excellent, their kind of service is what I can give as an example. I've put a link to their website so you can give their services a look and call them for availability.

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