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Can anyone recommend a steam mop?

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HariboFrenzy Thu 04-Aug-16 09:30:23

I'm looking for a steam mop for laminate flooring. It doesn't need fancy attachments, just to clean floors and not too pricey.

We've had the vax bare floor mop but that broke quite quickly, and currently using an aldi one, which is OK but not brilliant. Have a one year old that likes throwing food...

Germgirl Thu 04-Aug-16 09:46:17

I've just bought an X5 from QVC on 4 easy pays, about £13 a month. Used it for the first time today to clean my kitchen floor And various other things. It seems pretty good. Left the floor a bit damp but it dried in about 5 mins. I used it to clean the shower cubicle and loo and that worked well too.
The QVC offer had loads of attachments with it & seemed a pretty good offer.

00100001 Thu 04-Aug-16 09:50:49

Any one will do, but just be aware they're mops, not pressure washers (which people seem to get confused with!) so won't "blast" dirt out of the way etc.

Also, they're not as magical as QVC etc would have you believe smile

But they do work smile

HariboFrenzy Thu 04-Aug-16 10:32:44

Ha I probably am expecting a lot! Ideally I'd like to be able to waft it around the room and have magically clean and shiny floors grin

LucyLocketLostHerPocket Thu 04-Aug-16 10:41:10

Sainsburys own. Cost about £35 a couple of years ago, does a cracking job and has had no problems. Miles better than the expensive all singing all dancing one I had before.

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