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I can't stretch the kingsize fitted sheets over 'king' ikea mattress!

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ChanelNo314 Thu 04-Aug-16 08:25:25

I think it's a bit bigger than king. Would a super king fitted mattress work? Or are they too big?

I know the best solution is to go back to ikea but i don't know when I'll be there again!

BluePitchFork Thu 04-Aug-16 08:27:35

is it an imperial or continental king?
I guess continental (200x160). big department stores sell them but you need to look for it.

lilydaisyrose Thu 04-Aug-16 08:29:36

You need to get Ikea KS sheets or buy normal superfine ones. It's bigger than a 'normal' K'S bed.

ScottishDiblet Thu 04-Aug-16 08:35:51

You can buy the ikea sheets online. IKEA beds only really fit their linen unfortunately.

MagicalMrsMistoffelees Thu 04-Aug-16 08:40:19

Yes - Ikea sizes are bigger!

Which is why our IKEA mattress sticks out on all sides on our non-IKEA king size bed. And why normal king size sheets don't fit. Grrrrrr......

(We originally had a cheap IKEA bed when we bought the mattress 10 years ago and later replaced the bed but haven't got around to buying a new mattress yet!)

BusStopBetty Thu 04-Aug-16 08:57:40

King sheets should fit a Uk Ikea king bed, but not an IKEA continental king bed.

Lidl sometimes do continental size sheets which is handy if you don't live near an IKEA.

ChanelNo314 Thu 04-Aug-16 13:51:24

Oh right i must try and get one on line. I think its 200cm by 180
not sure. Must measure it.
The standard king size sheets are nearly big enough but not quite. I can sometimes get the sheet on!! If ive had a good night's sleep the night before, and spinach

frenchfancy Thu 04-Aug-16 16:28:16

A standard British king size bed is 5' wide - so 152cm. Ikea beds are metric so a king size is 160cm and a super-king would be 180cm. If you can just stretch the sheets over then yours is probably 160cm.

LMGTFY Thu 04-Aug-16 16:30:24

Dunelm do extra deep ones that may fit, I've always meant to try them. We have the same problem with the single ikea mattress.

Anonymouses Thu 04-Aug-16 17:48:40

IKEA are currently swapping over to uk sizes and carry both atm. You need continental king size which you can't easily get in the uk. IKEA is your best bet or try online somewhere like Amazon will probably do it as they can easily ship from the continent.

Anonymouses Thu 04-Aug-16 17:49:54

I just bought a load of the continental sheets and mattress protectors from idea for ds Kura bed but got the rest of his bedding elsewhere.

Anonymouses Thu 04-Aug-16 17:50:33

Alternatively buy flat sheets as that works. I used to do that for our old bed.

ChanelNo314 Thu 04-Aug-16 18:13:32

Thanks everybody, I've just ordered one which is super kingsize (uk) and it might be a bit bigger than necessary but I can just tuck that under on one side. It'll work better than too small. That'll do ''til I get out to Ikea.

Thanks for helping me bend my mind around the fact that I need a super king size sheet


BusStopBetty Thu 04-Aug-16 18:38:17

You can buy some sheets online from ikea.

You can quite often find brand new ones on eBay. There is a thriving reselling business for Ikea odds and sods for people who don't live nearby.

UnicornMadeOfPinkGlitter Thu 04-Aug-16 18:41:14

Lidl do continental sized King sheets so 200cm long. Dd has an IKEA single and when lidl have the sheets I buy a couple each time so that I have some that fit properly.

The only issue is that she likes patterned sheets and they never do them.

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