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Steam carpet cleaner

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CustardCream1 Wed 03-Aug-16 20:58:12

Hi, I am due to move out of my rented house and since I have a dog I have to get the carpets steam cleaned. Rather than renting a steam cleaner for the day, I thought I might as well buy one. Can anyone recommend a good carpet steam cleaner, preferably a multi purpose one where you can clean ovens etc, that is really easy to use and easy to assemble, that doesn't leave carpets soaking wet, and is under £60?

Many thanks.

lauracobden Thu 04-Aug-16 07:08:32


This is the steam cleaner for you, it's from Morphy Richards and costs well under your budget of £60, oh yeah forgot to mention it's multi purpose:-)

CustardCream1 Thu 04-Aug-16 11:31:37

Hi Laura, thank you for your recommendation. I've just ordered it off Amazon. It looks really good and was exactly what I was looking for. I'm actually getting really excited about using it!

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