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Help!! Filthy house !

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Whosthemummy16 Wed 27-Jul-16 22:17:25

We have just bought a house, gorgeous location, perfect size and just under our tiny budget, however the man who had it before us had lots of dogs, cats and god knows what else without doing any cleaning.
It is disgusting inside, years and years of filth on the door frames, walls, skirting boards, behind the radiators..
We've got rid of the carpets so now the worst bit is the staircase the bannister is vile, ive tried the usual cleaning products I already had and it's not touched it.
We can't really afford a professional cleaner so any miraculous cleaning tips would be amazing !

BaronessEllaSaturday Wed 27-Jul-16 22:20:18

What's the finish on the bannister?

wobblywonderwoman Wed 27-Jul-16 22:21:39

Might have to sand and repaint bannisters and skirting sad

Coro Wed 27-Jul-16 22:25:12

Sugar soap is your friend, it shifts all kinds of grease and crud. Use a metal scourer for extra abrasion. Hope it works and you are able to enjoy your new home.

99percentchocolate Wed 27-Jul-16 22:28:51

White vinegar and lemon on oven, taps, etc. Sugar soap is brilliant on walls as are the magic sponges.

PoisonWitch Wed 27-Jul-16 22:30:11

Second sugar soap. Otherwise sand off top layer and repaint or varnish. Leave on cleaners can work quite well in impermeable surfaces but not so sure on wood.

Whosthemummy16 Thu 28-Jul-16 09:22:31

Thank you. Off to buy some sugar soap, scourers, and some magic sponges, also need some urine neutriliser and flea treatment.
Vile, I used to love animals until we got this house envy ( sick face not envy !! )

LittleBee23 Thu 11-Aug-16 20:37:57

My new house was the same ugh. 7 months on and I finally feel it's clean.

spiderbabymum Thu 11-Aug-16 21:47:33

Ooohhhhhh shows us some pics

Sounds like an exciting project

I really REALLY like Method cleaning products . Found the grapefruit one pretty miraculous for cleaning ancient wooden door frames / architraves

The secret is clever tricks like washing it down first in hot hot soapy water

OR spark on the cleaning spray

And leave either for 15 minutes then wipe off

Lots and lots of clean cloths

spiderbabymum Thu 11-Aug-16 21:48:10

Could you consider using a steam cleaner ???

LittleBee23 Thu 11-Aug-16 22:22:04

I've used a steam cleaner on skirting and it flakes the paint off 😩

DanglyEarOrnaments Sat 13-Aug-16 21:52:21

Just wash and wash down surfaces with hot soapy ('fairy') water and add a de-greaser when necessary for more power (such as 'Elbow Grease')

When stains/odor get the better add a little flash with bleach spray to counter these.

IreallyKNOWiamright Sun 14-Aug-16 14:10:05

Coconut oil took make up off my bathroom sink perhaps give it a try

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