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In search of the worlds best cleaner

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ReginaldBlinker Tue 26-Jul-16 21:31:31

We have had a fantastic cleaner (actually fantastic, not from the company Fantastic) for the last three years - she is genuinely the loveliest person... Except that I feel she's taking the piss now because she knows how much I value her. Her cleaning used to be impeccable - now, clothes get put away without being ironed, mirrors don't get cleaned, bathtubs still have soap film on them, etc. I've asked her twice to please be a bit more attentive, and instead I noticed that on days when she does a particularly bad job, she brings me flowers confused

So I'm looking for a new cleaner now please. I'm based in SW London and am looking for someone one day per week for about three hours, but I am looking for the most thorough cleaner ever - I don't just want a tidy, I want the couch cushions vacuumed under, furniture dusted behind, etc.

Please can you recommend anyone for me?

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