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Help pls. Oxi Clean removed a stain but has left a yellow mark.

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MakeJam Mon 25-Jul-16 13:35:16

I spilled blueberry juice on a white cotton skirt. My DD sprayed the stain with Oxi Clean Laundry Stain Remover. We rinsed it with a cloth but didn't run it under the tap. I washed it this morning (several hours had passed by) and the juice stain has gone but the product has left a noticeable yellowish mark on the skirt.

Does anyone know if there anything I can do to remove this please?

wowfudge Mon 25-Jul-16 15:43:08

Try sunlight, so hang it out. Even through a window sunlight can lift stains.

YorkieDorkie Mon 25-Jul-16 15:49:12

Milk apparently lifts stains - combine with sunlight?

MakeJam Tue 26-Jul-16 07:48:05

Thank you. I have tried white vinegar but it hasn't lifted it. Now trying Milton tablet. Will try milk next and hang it out to dry in the garden. I foresee it will be going in the bin. What a stupid excuse for a product!

wowfudge Tue 26-Jul-16 09:21:19

Seriously - a day or so in direct sunlight will sort it. No need to spend a lot of time trying all sorts of different things. Plus if you are not rinsing it in cold water after each treatment you will be fixing the stain more and more.

MakeJam Tue 26-Jul-16 19:27:41

Milton was a serious disaster. The yellowish stain is even bigger now.

Milk soak did nuffink! But ...

rinsed in cold water and skirt now out in the sunshine. Thank you wow and yorkie
I'll report what happens.

MakeJam Tue 02-Aug-16 08:15:31

Well I left it out in the sun for a few days and it didn't do anything. I was about to cut it up for cleaning rags and saw this in Tesco and thought for a quid I'd give it ago. I put it in the machine with some other whites that were a bit dull and it worked. Stain gone and everything sparkly white again.

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