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Clothes Storage

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BaggyAndWrinkled Mon 25-Jul-16 09:39:58

Have my DC got too many clothes?! I have attached a pic of their double wardrobe - I adapted it with a lower hanging rail which worked a treat when DS was tiny but now that he's 7 his clothes are dragging. They have a tall thin drawer unit in their room.

How do you all store your DC's clothes or do I have too many?!

NapQueen Mon 25-Jul-16 09:50:16

Dd is nearly 5. She has two rails above one another - tops on the top rail and dresses in the bottom. She then has a tall thin Kallax unit with a cupboard in the top gap (for schoolwork), and three tubs in the remaining gaps - one for pj's, one for uniform and one for trousers.

Another square Kallax has one square with two drawers in it - one drawer for pants and vests the other for socks and tights.

Poor ds (20mo) has one drawer in a chest of drawers in our room for all of his clothes and two small baskets on top - one for pj's and one for socks.

Icecreamsundaes Mon 25-Jul-16 12:06:10

Here's DS4's clothes storage, tshirts/jumpers/coats hung, underwear and pjs in top drawer, jeans and shorts in drawer 2 and next size up bits and bobs in the bottom drawer. If you can see the ikea hanging thing to the right that houses gloves/hats/out of season pjs/some dress up outfits etc. Summer hats and sunscreen are kept by the back door in a basket and in winter we change it up for winter hats/gloves/scarves.

I need everything where I can see it for the split second I get each morning I grab the kids clothes grin
If it starts to get too crowded I'll do a cull until it's back to a manageable level, so if that's manageable for you id say no it's not too much, if it's a bit busy in finding what they need I'd do cull.

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