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Pillow recommendations please

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Pixilicious Sun 24-Jul-16 20:12:55

After about 18 months of sleeping by in a knackered bed we have finally got the money together to buy a new mattress, a lovely comfy memory foam one. However I am now hankering after some new pillows to go with it. I prefer a full but quite hard pillow and have previously had feather pillows, more because that's what my mum always bought than any other reason. Does anyone know what are 'good' pillows and could make a recommendation please?

Redken24 Sun 24-Jul-16 20:16:28

tempur - expensive but words cant describe how good mine is

trinity0097 Sun 24-Jul-16 20:49:54

I agree, especially if you like firm but full feeling!

ChicRock Sun 24-Jul-16 21:11:06


rabbit123 Sun 24-Jul-16 21:12:10

Another vote for dunlopillo. They're amazing.

FenellaFerranti Sun 24-Jul-16 21:15:19

Thirding Dunlopillo, everything else goes flat and lumpy. My first one lasted me over 10 years!!

chicaguapa Sun 24-Jul-16 21:19:28

We have Tempura cloud pillows. After 3 years they're the same as the day we bought them so worth the outlay.

reup Sun 24-Jul-16 21:21:18

I bought a dunlopillow after reading a recommendation on here. They are great. My kids want them now but they are so pricey!

Pixilicious Mon 25-Jul-16 07:21:43

Brilliant, thanks for the recommendations

Ntinyn Mon 25-Jul-16 08:50:23

Definitely a memory foam pillow, ours it's unbranded from a local bed shop, hate all other pillows new

DoItTooJulia Mon 25-Jul-16 08:52:22

I like a latex pillow. Decent ones cost money though. They're weighty, don't move around and last. But I have a cheapy one as a top pillow that can be replaced as often as I like because I buy cheap, but cotton, anti allergenic ones for the dribble pillows!

Cool1Cat Wed 27-Jul-16 20:00:11

I have damaged neck from whiplash and like a soft pillow that moulds to fit : goose down. You need two though. Best value from The Duvet Store

LynR6 Wed 27-Jul-16 21:22:41

I would never have anything but Dunlopillo. I have two and just about to send one to my friend in France as she has trouble sleeping.

janetmoore Thu 28-Jul-16 06:58:47

I brought these pillows last year and they are by far the best pillows I've ever had. Check em out and see what you think

elladaly Thu 28-Jul-16 08:59:43

I would definitely recommend Liddell pillows! They are used exclusively for hotels but i brought them off the Hilden website

LynR6 Thu 28-Jul-16 09:23:59

The good thing about Dunlopillo is it is soft enough not to give you earache but bounces back so you don't get a dent in the middle where other pillows go flat. I've had mine years and they are still in shape.

WingsClipped Fri 29-Jul-16 21:31:14

Tempur pillows are amazing. I used to buy goose down all the time but then DH got a tempur and I kept nicking it coz it was sooooo gooooddd. Now we both have them. DH's one is about 5 yrs old and still as good as the day he got it

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