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Has anyone found storage boxes for very shallow shelves?

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MangoIsTheNewApple Sun 24-Jul-16 13:27:15

I'm organising dd1's room (finally) and I need to find clothes storage boxes which will fit on her very shallow cupboard shelves. They're about 13cm deep. The IKEA SKUBB ones fit, but are only 5cm deep and the gap between the shelves is around 30cm, so they waste a lot of space.

Has anyone found any storage boxes (preferably fabric and fairly cheap) that are quite narrow but also deep enough to keep plenty of clothes in? I've looked in IKEA, Homebase and Tesco so far, and no success.

Toomanywheeliebinsagain Sun 24-Jul-16 15:04:15

Watching with interest. I have a very thin laundry cupboard which I'm trying to fill with storage bags/ boxes

MangoIsTheNewApple Sun 24-Jul-16 15:29:55

Well, I've not found any on eBay, Amazon or Matalan. Pounds fetcher had a possible but there isn't one anywhere near me...

cexuwaleozbu Sun 24-Jul-16 15:37:25

Could you put an extra shelf in between each 30cm gap to make two 14.5cm spaces (assuming 1cm for extra shelf) which would work with Skubb?

MangoIsTheNewApple Sun 24-Jul-16 15:44:17

I'm a bit reluctant to muck around with it as its an original feature, I think. Also because the crates I keep my towels in are that height and fit nicely, so it gives me flexibility on what I can keep on the shelves. Currently it's just the top shelves (that dd1 can't reach) which are laundry, but I'm not sure it will stay that way.

MangoIsTheNewApple Sun 24-Jul-16 15:45:03

Oh, and the laundry crates are from 15 years ago and don't seem to be sold any more!

GreenSand Sun 24-Jul-16 16:00:13

OK, so just under 25 cm high.
What other dimensions are you trying to fit them into?

MangoIsTheNewApple Sun 24-Jul-16 17:16:13

So I just found the tape measure measured and I have 28cm depth (ie from front of cupboard to back), height is 38.5cm and width is 119cm. So my SKUBB ones must be so old the sizing is now different. This should make it easier!

GreenSand Sun 24-Jul-16 17:50:07

would 4 of these fit across

GreenSand Sun 24-Jul-16 17:56:11

lots of colours but again, 28*28*28
Do they need to fill the height?

Kwirrell Sun 24-Jul-16 18:50:57

Not fabric but Muji do good storage

MangoIsTheNewApple Sun 24-Jul-16 19:14:32

Thanks, Green, ideally they'd be higher but that's better than anything I've found so far.

MangoIsTheNewApple Sun 24-Jul-16 19:38:03

Aha, just found some in Tescos on my second look!

GreenSand Sun 24-Jul-16 19:46:27

What did you find???

MangoIsTheNewApple Sun 24-Jul-16 19:55:01

Tesco Curver Ribbon storage basket large should be just right. Though I think that although three should fit, the weird cupboard design where the door is substantially narrower then the shelves means that it may be that only two fit unless you take the middle one out each time. So I've bought three to try, and I'll see how well they work and invest in more if they're right.

Kwirrell Sun 24-Jul-16 19:58:54

Are you able to do a link to Tesco ones, ta.

LizzieMacQueen Sun 24-Jul-16 20:04:14

Hema are a Dutch company a bit like woolworths used to be. These look like they might fit the bill


MangoIsTheNewApple Sun 24-Jul-16 20:59:01

Here they are,
Kwirell :

GreenSand Sun 24-Jul-16 21:07:48


Kwirrell Sun 24-Jul-16 21:11:14

Thank you

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