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Kitchen Hand Towels?

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CarpeJugulum Sun 24-Jul-16 10:41:43

I'm on the hunt for kitchen hand towels. I was given my last set of four for my wedding 15 years ago, and I'm down to my last one!

They're smaller than usual hand towels (my current last one measures 60x35) and are proper towelling rather than tea towel fabric (either waffle, linen or microfibre). They also usually are multi coloured, have cooking motifs etc on them rather than being plain.

Dunelm, John Lewis have come up blank, and I really need proper towelling for my hands or I end up with dry cracked hands. Anyone help?

prokupatuskrakedatus Sun 24-Jul-16 10:48:56

would "" be helpful (kitchensmart)?

I use "guesttowels" (even smaller) in my kitchen.

MaynJune Sun 24-Jul-16 10:56:27

I use john Lewis guest towels, which are plain coloured, admittedly. They last for years and years though.

n0ne Sun 24-Jul-16 11:03:03

Do you have a Hema near you, by any chance? These are standard in the Netherlands, I'm sure Heme stocks them. Ikea probably too.

IvyWall Sun 24-Jul-16 11:35:39

What about these in Dunelm ?

I use normal hand towels

Mycraneisfixed Sun 24-Jul-16 11:36:02

I use guest towels too and seem to be continually washing them as they're used for everythingconfused

IvyWall Sun 24-Jul-16 11:38:32

They have lots of other colours too.

Pigeonpost Sun 24-Jul-16 12:33:25

I just use Asda hand towels as they have some funky patterns.

CarpeJugulum Sun 24-Jul-16 12:54:53

It's a length/weight thing too - where they hang beside the sink means that they need to be shorter than average.

Guest towels might answer; if I can find some funkier designs so that DH doesn't give them to guests!

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