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Crack in Kitchen Laminate - any good sealant suggestions?

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Knightridergirl Fri 22-Jul-16 09:45:09

I'm after a good silicone sealant to fix a two-inch crack in my black/grey laminate worktop; water is leaking through the crack making the worktop spongy soft which is making my kitchen tap lean like the tower of Pisa!
I've read differing reviews on Homebase; B&Q and Amazon for various brands and still cant decide which one to buy and use!
Any advice from MNs?

wowfudge Fri 22-Jul-16 12:34:29

If the work top is wet then silicone is not going to stick to it and won't fix the problem. It's possible an epoxy type wood filler could work, but to be honest get the worktop replaced as the problem is likely to get worse and the cabinets underneath will be damaged too.

Knightridergirl Mon 25-Jul-16 13:21:19

Thanks wowfudge, my DS and I are new to DIY so I appreciate the honest opinion smile

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