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Jumble Trail Comes To Wandsworth SW18 October 9th - Have A Stall And Sell Outside Your House!

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Guy1973 Thu 21-Jul-16 13:12:37

Hello everyone. Some of you who listen to the Archers might, in recent weeks, have heard reference to a "Jumble trail". A jumble trail is basically like a collective "yard sale" where everyone in a small area brings their unwanted stuff out into their front gardens on a particular day to sell to neighbours and visitors. I have now offered to organise one in SW18 on October 9th, in SW18 1, SW18 2 and SW18 postcodes - see We visited one in West Norwood earlier this year and got tonnes of good toys and clothes for the kids for pennies but more importantly it was great to see streets closed off to cars to become play streets, neighbours and visitors chatting away over a beer and some bbq, and there was a really sweet sense of community that is all too rare in London. The web site publishes a map of all the households participating, so as a visitor, you can plan a route round as many as you can manage. I thought a small triangle of East Hill, Wworth common westside, Earlsfield Road and St Annes Hill (incorporating the the tonsleys too) might be a suitably sized smallish area (which I'm told works best!). We've got a cellar full of stuff we need to sell or give away and this seems like a much better solution than getting up at 6am to do a boot sale! There are lots of ways of achieving reuse a getting a few pounds back for bits and bobs, but wouldn't it be great to be able to shift lots of stuff in an afternoon? I'm sooo looking forward to freeing up some space in our flat and finding good homes for stuff we no longer need. Usually there's a small fee for each household participating but on this occasion, it's being sponsored by Recycle for London, so is free to join, so I hope some of you will join us and make this a fun event in our neighbourhood. Go to enter your postcode and register to get a login and password. You can then enter your address and will appear on the map. I will be putting leaflets through doors, posting on fb groups and forums and putting posters on lamp-posts over the summer to ensure we have a decent number of households participating. If anyone who's passionate about community events and trying to stop waste going to landfill might like to give me a hand, your help would be much appreciated. Could really do with some help leafleting streets on Dault road, Cicada road, Rosehill road, Eglantine, Melody, Acris, Jessica, Trefoil, Quarry, Killarney, Crief, Barmouth, Swanage, Earlsfield and the whole of the tonsleys. Check out this video too If anyone has any questions my number is 07810 753 815 or email Hope to hear from you x

Moimza Thu 04-Aug-16 17:46:55

Such a great idea! Will tell my friends in the area and do hope to join you on the day.

TollgateDebs Thu 04-Aug-16 19:09:21

What a cracking idea and I am off to see if we can do it locally too!

Guy1973 Wed 10-Aug-16 10:23:04

Area adjusted to include the whole of the Tonsleys next to Wandsworth Town station. Come on folk of Sw18 2 and SW18 1, sign up for a stall. I magine the satisfaction of getting rid of a bunch of stuff to people who will make good use of it and making a few £££ in the process, not to mention the serenity that will ensue from decluttering your house!

Guy1973 Fri 26-Aug-16 10:34:49

We've had a great start and now up to 8 stalls but we're aiming for 100, so go on everyone, join in, it's FREE and will be great fun! If anyone thinks a few friends and neighbours might like this idea, then please let me know and I'll drop some leaflets off for you, or perhaps you'd be kind enough to put a poster in your window? Wishing everyone a great fish friday and a super bank holiday weekend.

geords Wed 31-Aug-16 15:13:19

Nice one Guy, we hope to come along to the Wandsworth one as it is a week after our Jumble Trail in Berrylands/Surbiton!

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