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I have booked a cleaner....

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Ladybirdturd Thu 21-Jul-16 12:40:04

But don't know what she will actually clean blush. I have for the first time ever been able to afford a cleaner and I'm really excited!
She is coming for an initial deep clean for around five hours where she will do the inside of the windows as a one off.
So my question is, what do i need to do to prepare? Clear all the surfaces, but anything else?
I have three bedrooms, lounge kitchen, cloakroom, ensuite and family bathroom to be done.
Thank you!

Redglitter Thu 21-Jul-16 12:41:59

You don't need to clear all the surfaces. I just tidy up before mine comes. Nothing lying about that shouldn't be etc

It's such a good feeling getting home after she's been smile

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