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WWYD?Cleaner broke something.

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Busybee1234 Wed 20-Jul-16 19:59:16

Came home after work today to find a huge crack (30cm long) in my glass coffee table.The cleaner put a small vase on top of the crack (not nearly big enough to cover it up). I think she did this to make sure I would see the damage as to not accidentally put something on the table or cut myself. She did not leave a note and did not text me about it. What would you do? She is a lovely and excellent cleaner so I would not want our relationship to be affected negatively by the incident. I don't expect her to pay for it even though it is an expensive table and I will need to replace it.I believe that accidents happen and it is one of those things. However I'm unsure of how to sensitively handle her not notifying me and leaving me to find it broken? If I text her and ask about it she might feel patronised. If I don't say anything I'm worried that it will give her the impression that I'm not bothered about things being broken in the house. Do I leave it until next week when I see her to say something? If nothing is said before there is likely to be an elephant in the room IYSWIM? WWYD???

ThomasRichard Wed 20-Jul-16 20:01:34

Give her a call, thank her for making it easy for you to spot the danger, ask if she's ok and then ask about it's managed on her insurance. She should be insured for this kind of thing.

DanglyEarOrnaments Fri 22-Jul-16 19:59:41

I would handle it kindly as she obviously meant for you to see it but a note would have been more professional.

Her insurance will cover her but only above the the excess, which will range between £100 and £250 so she will have to pay that part herself and then anything above that can be claimed.

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