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pippaconsidine Tue 19-Jul-16 09:35:22

Beware! I 'bought' a Bosch fridge freezer from John Lewis online, a good offer with a four day delivery advertised. Three weeks later, after being given an online query case number, I had sent several emails and made 2 phone calls, they investigated while I was on the phone to them and found my order hadn't gone through! They did not offer an alternative, they offered a refund. So, they had my money for three weeks, didn't offer to source an alternative and only returned the money when I called them!

wowfudge Tue 19-Jul-16 10:52:53

Did you ask for an alternative? Did they give a reason they couldn't send you what you ordered? Sounds like a computer glitch - unfortunately there are sometimes errors. What were you expecting and did you convey this to them?

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