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Tell me how you clean your Chesterfield

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mypropertea Tue 12-Jul-16 08:42:53

I have an old leather Chesterfield sofa, small child and a cat.

It has come to my attention that it is not as well looked after as it could be.

So inspire me out of my rut please! How often do you clean yours and with what?

helenatroy Tue 12-Jul-16 09:01:08

Once a week with my hand field dyson. I use the small brush on the cushions and underneath. I use the smallest nozzle in the buttonholes and give it a wipe with baby or leather wipes. I love mine. I have a chesterfield chair in spare room and am not so meticulous with that although I do give it the once over now and again.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Tue 12-Jul-16 09:07:32

I bought a packet of those leather wipes in poor sofa was so clarty, I used the whole packet, winkling them into the buttons and on all the flat bits.
Got all the cushions off too, and hoovered half the beach out of all the be fair, it's basically the dogs' bed so no actual nice people get to sit on it, but still.

even round the back and sides...i might be a lazy slattern on the whole, but when I do a job it gets done properly!'s so much nicer looking now! But now I buy the spray also HomeBargains and buff it up with a dustery/microfibre cloth

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