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The Big Summer Holiday Clear Out

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LucyLastik Sun 10-Jul-16 13:43:57

Anyone up for this? I've decided to dedicate the first week of the summer hols to clearing out my flat and just making it a better place to live.

I work term time so we always spend the first week at home pottering about. I'm going to tackle one room per day until my house is gleaming! It will include things like cleaning windows, skirting boards and all those other areas that I don't tend to see usually.

My first question is... What can I use to wash walls down with? I've got 3 kids in a tiny flat and the hallway is covered in grubby/muddy handprints from where they play out and traipse in and out.

MaybeDoctor Sun 10-Jul-16 14:12:52

I have heard of sugar soap being used for wall washing.

But what it is, I do not know!

Kwirrell Sun 10-Jul-16 14:26:15

Sugar soap and the Magic Eraser for marks.

LucyLastik Sun 10-Jul-16 19:59:22

Brilliant! Thanks for that. I'd heard of sugar soap. Dreading getting started though!grin

wobblywonderwoman Mon 11-Jul-16 00:10:29

I am on my summer holidays from school and having a major clearout.

Oh it is boring but the place is looking better.

Best of luck

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