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Anyone want to join me in cleaning and clearing their house today?

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itshappenedagain Sat 02-Jul-16 11:57:22

Very busy week at work has meant my house looks like a shit hole rubbish dump. I have loads to doconfused

LondonCharlady Sat 02-Jul-16 12:14:14

I'm on a cleaning mission today as well, been busy all week and haven't had a chance to do anything. Let's see who can get the most done!

Ihatechoosingnames Sat 02-Jul-16 12:15:25

I'm about to start mine, DH at work and I'm alone with my 2.7yo and 8mo baby! So have to keep stopping and seeing to them.
Starting with the living room and hall, about to do the skirting boards which I rarely do but they need cleaning. I've already hoovered, dusted the TV and cleaned the jumperoo and window sills. Good luck with your cleaning

itshappenedagain Sat 02-Jul-16 12:29:51

I'm starting in the lounge. I need to; Hoover
Steam mop floor
Wipe skirting boards
Clean windows...and that's just the lounge!

PlayingGrownUp Sat 02-Jul-16 12:36:42

Just finished the kitchen - just needs mopped. On to sitting room!

CatsRule Sat 02-Jul-16 13:47:57

I've just done two dump runs, threw out idea how our wee house held all that stuff crap

Could do with throwing more but that's another days job.

The problem with clearing out and moving things is that it shows the dirt the things were hiding! blush I've some cleaning and hoovering to do then I'll feel better.

itshappenedagain Sat 02-Jul-16 15:02:49

I'm still in the lounge, but have hoovered, etc and now moving furniture and cleaning the sofas a d chairs. My house is disgusting!

minx67 Sat 02-Jul-16 15:37:10

Hi, can I be a late joiner ? Not been well so bit late in the day to start, but have so much to catch up on.
So far have done 2 loads washing
hung washing out
another load on
filled dishwasher
about to hoover and tidy front room
then going to have a brew

itshappenedagain Sat 02-Jul-16 15:45:44

I've now finished the lounge and I'm onto the kitchen. No dishwasher so it going to take me an hour to clear the backlog!

OrianaBanana Sat 02-Jul-16 15:47:56

Oh gosh I was so motivated this morning and did loads of little bits - the hob is clean but can't see the difference with anything else. So now it's clean kitchen surfaces, hoover the whole house and mop kitchen and cloakroom floor - will see how long that takes me!

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