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I just bought a tumble dryer!

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CaptainWarbeck Fri 01-Jul-16 09:24:46

This feels like a proper adult purchase since I haven't had one since I left home. I am looking forward to:

Fluffy towels! The joy
Bedding washed, dried and back on the beds in a day
Baby clothes quick washed and then dried and ready to wear instead of spending ages on the line
NOTHING smelling of damp

I'm 28. What have I become blush

rabbit123 Fri 01-Jul-16 15:25:12

Do you honestly wash baby clothes on quick wash? hmm

AGirlsNameIsAryaStark Fri 01-Jul-16 15:26:46

Not going to lie, I'm green with envy right now envy

I'd kill for a tumble dryer but not enough room in our flat at the moment. Considering sacrificing the fridge just for fluffy towels....

onedogatoddlerandababy Fri 01-Jul-16 16:54:22

I wash a lot of stuff that just needs a refresh on a quick wash. Why the hmm? I assume s/he doesn't quick wash really dirty stuff on a quick wash.

Or maybe I just have a really good machine (and now not using shitty persil, but ariel) nothing ever comes out dirty whether it's a 20 min quick wash or a longer one.

onedogatoddlerandababy Fri 01-Jul-16 16:54:44

Oh and op, tumble dryer = life changing grin

skivvywoman Fri 01-Jul-16 18:32:52

I've replaced my tumble dryer for a small one as I only tumble dry underwear if I've got loads or to take dampness off stuff that's been on clothes horse over night

I always found it shrunk cottons I must have been doing something wrong

LIZS Fri 01-Jul-16 18:38:08

I rarely use ours and so many fabrics are not td friendly.

LBOCS2 Fri 01-Jul-16 18:41:27

Why on earth wouldn't she rabbit? As long as it's not shitty or covered in milkyvom then surely all it needs it a bit of a refresh?!

LBOCS2 Fri 01-Jul-16 18:42:14

Oh, and I love my tumbler. When my old one broke it was replaced within 24 hours.

CaptainWarbeck Fri 01-Jul-16 23:49:31

My 'baby' is 1 and often gets things like jumpers slightly mucky but not really dirty, so yes, 30min quick wash and they're fine. I'm not talking pooey babygros smile

Thanks everyone else!

conkerpods Fri 01-Jul-16 23:53:06

I do everything on a quick wash....I adjust increase the temperature if towels/bedding.

dudsville Sat 02-Jul-16 08:26:10

Are tumble driers really life changing? In the way that dishwashers are? I kind of think I want one but haven't had one for nearly 20 years. I've got used to thinking my bath towels are meant to be have that loofah effect.

Savagebeauty Sat 02-Jul-16 08:29:11

I've just moved to rented and am missing my tumbledryer and big utility room sad
The only place I can fit a dryer is the box room but I need to get one as I am pissed off with the weather

Sallycinnamum Sat 02-Jul-16 08:31:15

The two things that have changed my life immeasurably (DCS excepted obviously ) are my tumble drier and handheld Dyson.

IN my old house the tumble drier was in the shed at the bottom of our garden and I still used it all the time, even in the depths of winter.

Luckily in our new house it fits in our teeny utility. I honestly love my tumble drier abd don't know what we'd do without it (tragic, I know).

Ntinyn Sat 02-Jul-16 08:32:16

I am SO jealous! Lived in a tiny flat for DD1, a winter baby and had washing hanging all over flat every day. Now expecting again and DH puts no value whatsoever on the tumble and is saying no no no but I have just got him to agree to leaving a space in utility as we're remodelling new house this autumn. He says we have to wait until next year though to buy it.

NapQueen Sat 02-Jul-16 08:35:37

I'm so envious!

Everything goes in on a quick wash in my house apart from bed linen which goes on a 90° 90min cycle.

Archedbrowse Sat 02-Jul-16 08:48:04

Congratulations OP, welcome to the work of tumble drying, you're going to love it grin

There's always one rabbit [rolls eyes]. Do you mean to say you waste water, energy, detergent by not using the quick wash hmm. Tut tut, judge judge.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 02-Jul-16 08:51:50

Do you honestly wash baby clothes on quick wash? hmm

There always one , isn't there?!

I love my drier OP,it IS life changing and life would be a lot harder without it. Enjoysmile

pinkieandperkie Sat 02-Jul-16 08:52:53

I am happy for you op. I use my tumble every day. I've also just started using those scented tumble sheets from the supermarket. The whole house smells so good from the lovely scent.

TSSDNCOP Sat 02-Jul-16 08:55:24

Doesn't everything really only need a quick wash. I do everything on a 30 for 30 except towels and bedding which get a quick at 60. I don't even own a line, everything in the TD.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 02-Jul-16 09:00:44

I wash whites on an hour long 40 wash, most stuff on a 30 min quick wash and bedding on a 60 wash. Clothes don't need to to be boiled!

Vlier Sat 02-Jul-16 09:01:53

I love my dryer. No more wet clothes hanging around.

My first "adult feeling' purchase was my dishwasher. Wouldn't want to do without anymore

Savagebeauty Sat 02-Jul-16 09:03:12

I wash everything on 30. But then I wear everything just once
( Awaits judgement)
Towels and bedding on 90. Washed weekly so not exactly filthy.

MassiveStrumpet Sat 02-Jul-16 09:08:18

I wash almost everything on quick wash. I prefer to put sheets and underpants on the long, hot cycle overnight but if I am trying to slay the laundry pile in a day, I will do the quick wash anyway.

Tumble dryers are awesome. We have a vented on in our conservatory, where the hose can go out a small window without freezing the whole house. Then there's a condenser in the kitchen. I don't care for it but my husband uses it because it's closer.

At my flat (not the family home) I have a washer dryer. I rarely use the drying cycle because it makes everything wrinkley. I will use airers. But I mostly wash sheets, towels and a bit of my own clothing.

DocMcFanjo Sat 02-Jul-16 09:13:19

Oh OP. Congratulations! flowers

It will change your life. I even tumble dry certain non-tumble dryable items on the "cool" setting. Or even just finish line dried stuff in there for that final storable dryness. Shamaze.

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