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Ink smears on leather sofa

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Unlikelyfarmerswife Sun 26-Jun-16 21:51:02

DH has somehow managed to get blue biro ink smeared all over the dark brown leather sofa (no idea how this has happened and worryingly neither of us have found the culprit pen as of yet confused) - it looks a right mess. Google has had me trying the following remedies - nail varnish remover (started taking off the leather), baby wipes, milk, kitchen cleaner - all have very slightly faded the pen however it is still very much there....any more suggestions please?!

wowfudge Sun 26-Jun-16 21:57:17


ladydoer Mon 27-Jun-16 07:15:58

Try cleaning with stronger alcohol of course make sure it's not colored. I've got grape schnapps at home and used that one.

I've tried this last week on our car seats (leather), the stain pretty much got out. But, test on a small hidden piece of leather first to make sure no discoloring or else happens

user1464934899 Mon 27-Jun-16 07:48:07


Give this sofa cleaner a try. My son manged to get a felt tip stain on our sofa and this cleaner got rid of it with ease.

StillRabbit Sun 03-Jul-16 18:13:02

Hairspray! I've used it on leather furniture AND (years ago) on my DDs First Holy Communion dress after a little brat girl at the church wrote on her back during the photos.

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