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Old windows and mound caked into seal and ledge

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crankyblob Sun 26-Jun-16 16:42:56

My friend has just moved into a new house and I am helping to clean it. The Windows are old pvc type and has mound all over the plastic frame and wooden ledge. It looks like the frame has been painted repeatedly.

What is the best thing to use to strip this back to clean?

crankyblob Sun 26-Jun-16 16:44:23

Sorry mould not mound

mypropertea Sat 02-Jul-16 07:21:10

Steam cleaner. Blasts the mold out the cracks so you can see what your dealing with when it drys.

PeaceNotPieces Sat 02-Jul-16 07:23:30

The plastic frame has been painted and that has mould?

Sorry if it is a silly q

Flouncy Sat 02-Jul-16 07:37:27

You can buy upvc cleaners. I used a value brand cream cleaner on the ones i inherited when i purchased this house. The fence had been brown stain spray painted and the windows where splatter dashed because they'd also sprayed trellis alongside them.

I've found sugar soap good at cleaning paint prior to repainting too.

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