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Old grease stain on purple silk top

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ouchmyfanjo Mon 20-Jun-16 23:00:54

Just gone to favourite tunic top and found what looks like three grease spots (like finger marks - eyes ds!!) They have been there a while and I've tried to wash out twice now by hand wash with some fairy liquid rubbed on the spots before.
They are still there. I'd like to wear it for a special occasion on Saturday? Any tips please or should I give it up and go shopping for a new top?!

ouchmyfanjo Tue 21-Jun-16 14:49:31

Bumping in hope...

lauracobden Tue 21-Jun-16 17:00:08

If your 100% sure they are grease spots then i would try this grease stain remover If it still doesn't come up and you still want to wear it i would recommend taking it somewhere to get it professionally cleaned.

Good luck:-)

P1nkP0ppy Tue 21-Jun-16 17:03:53

Stain Devils are brilliant for removing just about anything.
You can buy them in any supermarket.

Bluetrews25 Sat 25-Jun-16 22:11:52

In Thailand, they chuck talc on it, iron, I think with brown paper (or could use kitchen roll= absorbent) over the top, then brush off. (Watched them do this many years ago in a tailor, hazy memory!)

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