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helzapoppin2 Mon 20-Jun-16 11:41:17

For various reasons the housework mostly comes down to me.
It's not all I do, I work p/t. This is fine with me, but why does this voice nag in my head that as an educated grown up I should be doing something "better"?
I've tried employing a cleaner, but they're either not very thorough, or, through bad luck, have been unreliable, and I'm one who ends up cleaning for the cleaner.
I guess I'd like to hear from people who take pride in housework and see it as a worthwhile occupation to give me a bit of confidence that it's ok to clean!

skivvywoman Mon 20-Jun-16 17:25:16

I work p/t too and would never ever dream of paying someone to clean when I can do it perfectly well myself (I do enjoy it) but I would pay for someone to iron for me

DanglyEarOrnaments Sun 26-Jun-16 19:50:02

I am a cleaning business owner and although the demand for our service is high, we very often find ourselves in a position of not being able to take on new work due to a common shortage of staff to hire and train. I am also on the panel of a trade association for domestic cleaning services and the same is experienced throughout the UK, I am also a member of a global cleaning business owner's forum and the same issue is to be found across the world. This is the major sticking point of the industry.

I believe this to be due to the common perception of the role as of little value and not very important. I am keen to address this perception and challenge it, given the lovely feedback we receive from clients who treasure all of us, we most certainly are important to them and needed and indeed valued by these end users of the service, so why is there a wider perspective that cleaning is unimportant work?

When you completely change the way someone feels about their home and you take away a huge pressure from their shoulders and they tell you you have done this for them and how much they appreciate this, you come to learn to value the work you provide for them and enjoy it all the more.

I have no idea why 'cleaning work' is demeaned in general, it takes a fair bit of skill to understand how to get really great results throughout a home as anyone who has been through our training can tell you. It is also hard physical work which certain clients such as the elderly would not be able to do for themselves.

Cleaning is mostly not cheap to buy and the reason for that is that the end users of this service, the customers themselves, value the cleaning so highly that it has become a 'seller's market'. It is also not cheap to provide, due to the higher than average pay it is necessary to provide to entice and keep cleaning staff in the role.

Cleaning may not be glamorous or high-status, but I can vouch for the fact it means to world to people who are willing to pay for it to be dome for them and to them it is very important work. After finding what it means to people, cleaning is my passion and this has been so for many years now.

In answer to your question, yes it's a worthwhile occupation and it's more than ok to clean. In fact cleaning is my world now! smile

SomeDaysIDontGiveAMonkeys Mon 27-Jun-16 23:29:30

I LOVE cleaning (but only my own place) grin

RedMapleLeaf Tue 28-Jun-16 17:40:44

I love most housework. My job requires me to be very professional and together. I like the time I get at home, relaxing, cooking, chilling with a book, gardening and, yes, cleaning. It brings out another side of me.

jennasmith951 Thu 30-Jun-16 13:06:12

I work full-time and not always have the time to clean my house thoroughly as it is actually very big. I don't know what your experience is with hiring a cleaner, but I am using FastKlean and can definitely recommend them to you. I have used them for quite a long time and they have never failed to disappoint me, the cleaner does an amazing job and always leaves the house in spotless condition! Good luck!

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