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How can I clean an ear ring

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Karcheer Tue 14-Jun-16 19:08:46

That has been kept in my purse with loose change?
Money is really unhygienic, so I need to clean it well before it goes back in my ear. It's a 9ct gold stud.

Thank you.

mypropertea Tue 14-Jun-16 19:23:00

I would wash it in anty bac soap. Don't drop it down the plug hole though! Put the plug in before you start.

Cherylene Tue 14-Jun-16 19:26:34

Friend of mine used to clean her's with cotton wool an surgical spirit at regular intervals.

PreAdvent13610 Tue 14-Jun-16 19:31:11


QueenoftheVerse Tue 14-Jun-16 21:28:02

Vodka doesn't have a high enough alcohol content to sterilise anything. I use boiled water with lots of salt in it and stir to dissolve the salt. Just take the earring apart and put it in the bowl and leave it for 5 or 10 mins. I've never had an infection from any of my piercings and I also used that to clean my new piercings and I've never had a problem.

Cherylene Tue 14-Jun-16 21:29:57

What a shame - thought I had another use for Vodka added to my list. PreAdvent will just have to drink it grin

cozietoesie Tue 14-Jun-16 21:55:18

That rather depends on the vodka you drink, Queen! grin

(Although I take your point. wink)

wowfudge Tue 14-Jun-16 22:57:25

Hot water, soap and a nail brush or old toothbrush. No need for anti bacterial anything.

DramaAlpaca Tue 14-Jun-16 22:59:39

I do what wowfudge does, except I use baby shampoo instead of soap. An old, soft toothbrush is great for getting them clean.

user1464934899 Wed 15-Jun-16 12:18:55

Hi Karcheer,

I would try this Jewelry cleaning kit Take your earnings leave it in the cleaning soloution for about 2 minutes and then use the brush to give it a good clean afterwards, this will help restore the shine and get rid of any bacteria on the earrings.


Helloooomeee Wed 15-Jun-16 12:23:00

I've always used surgical spirit or hydrogen peroxide to sterilise body jewellery, would probably stick to surgical spirit on gold though!

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