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Weekly, Monthly, Each Season, Yearly tasks

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Karcheer Tue 14-Jun-16 12:54:23


I've always been a bit slapdash at cleaning but since starting to use my bullet journal I'm now doing a daily hour off cleaning which involves tidying up, bathrooms and kitchen, and hoovering. The house is for once looking pretty clean most of the time.
However, I'm aware there a certain things I shouldbe going weekly, monthly etc. could you share with me what you do regularly to keep your homes in check.

Thank you!

skivvywoman Tue 14-Jun-16 14:23:34

Everyday I
Clean kitchen and bathroom
Damp dust living room
Make beds tidy room (Hoover every 2nd day dust weekly)
Try and mop daily with steam cleaner and mop with bleach every couple of days
Keep on top of washing
Put dry washing away

Weekly I
Normally change living room around when I do this I Hoover skirtings
Dust bedrooms
Clean fridge out (before I go shopping)
Hoover underneath sofa cushions
Change bath mat and towels get done couple of times a week

Fortnightly I
Change beds (in summer when hot and sticky weekly but we don't get that often)

As and when I
Empty bins I wash bin out
Change rooms about I Hoover under beds etc
Clean oven (worst job ever)
Run washing machine on hot cycle
Wash curtains (not big windows so I wash and hang straight back up)
Gut rooms

That's all I can think of just now why don't you join the daily cleaning thread you get some good ideas on there and very friendly bunch

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