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really exciting question re contents insurance! how much for?

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pfft123 Mon 06-Jun-16 17:26:49

I need contents insurance (not buildings as I rent)

How much are you covered for? Short of going round and adding up every single item how do I know? £20k? Or should I add up every item?!

It's just me. I have a few expensive items I'll add on. A quote I played with yesterday asked for any items worth over £1000 - does this include my sofas then? Or is that general?

I would add laptop and bike separately

Also do you bother insuring things out of the home and/or for accidental damage?

pfft123 Mon 06-Jun-16 20:13:35

Bumpy bump

Grumpysfirstwife Tue 07-Jun-16 13:56:49

I have £60,000 contents cover on mine (3 bed semi) .

You have to remember that in the event of your house burning down/collapsing and it needs rebuilding things like carpets, skirting boards, doors, kitchen cupboards, bathroom suites etc will be paid for through contents cover and not buildings.

Unfortunately we found this out the hard way angry and having had to replace everything (and I mean everything including wallpaper, tiles etc ) we are still paying off the cost of these larger items several years later because we didn't factor them into our contents policy and didn't get enough cover.

Our £60,000 is also not based on top of the range goods but basic ranges (B&Q, Homebase prices).

Grumpysfirstwife Tue 07-Jun-16 14:03:49

Forgot to say, both my laptop and bike are included in the contents insurance because they are less than £1500 each in value. They are also kept inside the house so no need for their own policy but you may prefer to have their own policy.

I do have accidental damage but my compulsory excess is more than most items cost anyway so its mainly for very high value items that break easily like a camera etc. My car insurance covers items stolen from the car so that's not necessary for me to cover 'outside the home'.

Be careful you don't insure items twice (home insurance and car insurance) because the insurance companies will always ask you if you are covered by another policy and they will redirect you to the other company to make a claim.

specialsubject Sat 11-Jun-16 14:42:38

The op rents and so doesn't need to cover carpets and curtains, they will be under the landlords policy. Generally you can't insure what you don't own..but...

Accidental damage can be worth it - and as a tenant you can also get cover if you damage landlord property, so protecting ypu from deposit deductions.

But yes, you do need to go round and make a list.

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