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Advice on steam cleaners Karcher SC1, 2 or 3?????

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strangehumour Mon 06-Jun-16 11:00:06

Hi All. I've just moved house and now most of my downstairs has tiled floors. I'm thinking a steam mop would be good but I've never used one before so I'm struggling deciding which one to buy.

I like the look of the SC1 as it looks small, quick and easy to store but I have a large area to mop so then I was thinking the SC2 or SC3 might be better. Negatives about the SC2 & 3 though are storage size and I've read some reviews saying they take a long time to clean/put away afterwards.

Have any mumsnetters any experience of these? I've read reviews of each but I'm after more of a comparison. Would the SC1 clean a large area for example?

Thank you for any advice.

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