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Please help me get my white sheets white again

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Littlefrenchmummy Mon 06-Jun-16 09:57:36


I have some lovely white, white company sheets and they are about 1 year old. They have slowly started fading to an off white colour, is there anything I can do to get them whiter?
I usually wash them with normal bio ariel gel tablets and add some conditioner.

Also any tips to get mascara stains off the cushions?

Thank you very much !! X

thatorchidmoment Mon 06-Jun-16 10:04:44

Vanish: a scoop in your wash, then hang it out in the sunshine. Whitens things up beautifully!

MadameCholetsDirtySecret Mon 06-Jun-16 10:05:41

Yep Vanish - the white tub. It was a revelation to me.

adagio Mon 06-Jun-16 10:07:24

I've not tried vanish, but can confirm 'big box' powders seem better than gel/liquid etc and adding napisan from time to time seems to be handy - plus drying in the sun also helps.

TwigTheWonderKid Mon 06-Jun-16 10:23:22

Ooh, which Vanish is it? this one?
or Vanish Gold?

Littlefrenchmummy Mon 06-Jun-16 11:07:08

Oh amazing thank you so much will go and get some now! How sad is it that Im super excited about this confused X

LBOCS2 Mon 06-Jun-16 11:11:24

Hanging them in the sun will honestly make the biggest difference.

MyUsernameDoesntHaveNumbers Mon 06-Jun-16 11:15:01

I use fairy powder and sometimes add a bit if napisan and dry in the sun as often as possible.
My sheets are 6 years old and still perfectly white.
Also only ever wash them with other whites.

dementedpixie Mon 06-Jun-16 11:19:38

Liquids have no bleaches so I would use a powder and a scoop of whitening powder in each wash

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