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suggested hourly rate for a combination job?

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NaomiJMarley Sat 04-Jun-16 12:28:35


I am not a mum so hope it's ok to come on here? (Mumsnet seems full of sensible advice).

I have found a job which is potentially perfect for my planned career change. I'm a 41-year-old magazine editor looking to get a part-time job as my other work beyond my magazine has dried up with the state of the NHS (I was an NHS freelance editor and project manager) - my top 3 favourites would be working with dogs/working outside/working for the benefit of the very rural area where I live. I am extremely excited and crossing my fingers that I get an interview because this is a job on a farm near my house - combining admin, work in a top-quality boarding kennel and some cleaning.
If I am lucky enough to get an interview, I am unsure of how to go about the tricky money conversation. The ad says pay dependent on experience.

Well, I'm good with dogs but a professional role with one would be entry-level for me. I'm planning, ultimately, to go back to college and get some qualifications on the side so I am thrilled at the thought of working with dogs at the same time.

I have no professional cleaning experience but obviously can clean and am pretty fit and strong.

I have 20 years' admin experience, run my own business and already do marketing work for a few rural businesses so this may be attractive to them.

So, I'm almost over qualified in one area and not at all qualified in the other two, though extremely keen to learn.

What would be a sensible hourly rate if I am asked what I'm looking for?

Much more important to me is the fact that this is a perfect fit for my change over to animals to complement my desk work. But obviously it also has to be worth the hours as I need to replace my NHS work - I will of course be paying tax on it and will need to work freelance ideally as I'm already self-employed. It may sound silly to be retraining a 41 but I realised that I actually have almost 30 working years ahead of me if I'm lucky - may as well enjoy them!

Thanks for any words of wisdom. I don't want to get an interview, do well (fingers crossed!), then mess up on this bit.

concertplayer Sun 05-Jun-16 07:55:14

You need to go to the Employment issues topic

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