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Induction hob

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madasamarchhare Fri 03-Jun-16 03:07:43

Very excited to have a new kitchen which is just about ready for me to start using. Have a lovely induction hob with a flexi zone which means I can hear one side as a 'whole' Iam looking to buy some sort of griddle to fit this. Obviously must be induction compatible, does anyone have one they recommend.

user1464934899 Fri 03-Jun-16 07:29:27

I think a griddle pan like this would be ideal for your induction hob. I think it looks really stylish and will go well with your new induction hob:-)


icklekid Fri 03-Jun-16 07:31:30

We have this one jamie oliver because it matched our other pans 😶

NannyR Fri 03-Jun-16 10:05:09

Any cast iron one would be ok. I have a Denby one that works well, Le creuset do a rectangular one in lots of nice colours.

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