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cleaning pine units

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xxxbingbunnyxxx Sun 29-May-16 07:39:00

I have recently bought my first house and the kitchen is bespoke pine units, which are lovely. However near the oven and hob they are greasy and cleaning them seems to be a futile task! And tips for cleaning grease off pine please?

wowfudge Sun 29-May-16 08:26:22

Try sugar soap in a trigger spray - from an ironmonger's or B&Q. It is brilliant at getting grease off. Spray it on then work over the surfaces with a cloth - I use sonething like an old cotton tea towel. Use hot water with a dash of original Stardrops to wipe the units down afterwards and get rid of any residue. You must wear rubber or vinyl gloves though or the sugar soap will dry your hands out really badly. Best thing is that it is pretty cheap and has no strong chemical smell.

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