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has anyone ever owned either of these mattresses? (, and a john lewis pocket 4000 cotton)

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nish81 Thu 26-May-16 04:10:02

agonising about this decision before I pull the trigger as it is quite a bit of money but have read everywhere that if I'm going to splurge on any item of furniture it should be a mattress!

so, wondering whether anyone here has bought the 'perfect mattress' from (in Regular), and/or the John Lewis Natural Collection 4000 Cotton mattress?

been to the stores and tried both, and they both felt very good, loaf having the edge a bit. but reviewcentre has some very bad reviews of loaf's customer service and some people complained that the mattress gets saggy after a couple of weeks.

the John Lewis mattress also has mixed reviews, with people saying it's too firm compared to the one in the showroom, but I asked the sales rep about this and he said that it's a known fact about that mattress that it takes a couple of months for it to 'break in' and become as soft as the showroom one..

I'm inclined to go for the JL one as at least their customer service is known to be quite good, so if I have any problems then exchanges shouldn't be an issue, but was wondering whether anyone's had experiences with either?

wowfudge Thu 26-May-16 06:44:36

We have a JL one - can't remember if it's the same pocket count as the one you are looking at - and it is extremely comfortable. We went for a firm one as DP preferred it and I couldn't tell much difference between the firm and the medium.

GrubbyWindows Thu 26-May-16 20:06:30

We have the loaf in the firmest setting, and it makes me very happy- largely because it replaced a 13 year old IKEA one with springs that jabbed me in the ribs all night! So anything would have been amazing. It softened perceptibly within a few nights (to DP's dismAy, although it it still plenty firm) and it failed to magically make my toddler sleep through in his own room, but other than that I can't fault it, and the customer service was fine- ace delivery guys! Nothing has gone wrong so I can't report on that side of customer service.
So not much help- you have a positive for each option!

sheilapinky Sun 02-Oct-16 09:24:59

I had the 4000 cotton mattress from John Lewis in medium but it was
rock hard and I was told that it would never get any softer so I exchanged it for the 6000 cotton mattress in medium which is
comfortable but I find quite soft.

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