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Another cleaner thread..

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SuddenBeetE Thu 19-May-16 12:59:53

Apologies for the long post...

I'm due with DC4 soon, last night DH suggested we get a cleaner a couple of hours a week for a few months while I'm heavily pregnant and then stuck feeding a newborn.

I don't actually mind cleaning, it's the picking up of random bits of Lego, emptying swimming bags, day to day boring bits I can't stand! Only spend an hour or so daily on jobs as me and DH do equal amounts of it. Maybe more on a day when I do bigger jobs, but I'm never one to be stuck in cleaning all day or anything. I'm not really sure which of the following to get a cleaner to do, if you see what I mean.

For our 4 bed, 4 storey extended at the back old terrace, this is our current 'rota.'

Air and make (4) beds
Load of washing in, hang up to dry and put away.
Hoover kitchen and front room
Mop kitchen
Quick wipe of loos and sink
Clean worktops and polish dry
Fill run and empty dishwasher

Twice a week
Hoover 1st floor landing and bedrooms (3)
Dust living room
Tidy up loose ends

Hoover down from loft bedrooms, and stairs (3 sets)
Proper bathroom clean, shower/bath scrub/floor mopped
Wash towels

Every other week
Change all beds
Tidy children's rooms
Dust and neaten sofa cushions living room
Office, utility and playroom quick tidy and Hoover (these are on the lower ground floor so I don't see them!)

Thanks flowers

OliviaTJoyce Thu 19-May-16 14:17:07

Well, why not call a cleaner, present them this list and ask? I did this with the company I work - A to Z cleaning. I gave them a call, sent them a long email explaining what I want and how I wanted it. They gave me a quote that I was ok with and sent me a cleaner the next week. No fuss and the house is always clean. You shouldn't worry that much about what you will ask for. Everything is about money :D

IorekByrnisonsArmour Thu 19-May-16 15:40:12

Hi Sudden I don't have a cleaner I dream of one though but I'm interested in your house layout.

I have a lower ground floor too which has a playroom, kitchen and laundry cupboard

I want to return the kitchen to the ground floor (DH likes it down there hmm)

What are your room arrangements on the ground floor? How do you access your garden?

My house layout is driving me batshit but I don't know anyone else with a lower ground floor.

Hope you don't mind the questions flowers

SuddenBeetE Thu 19-May-16 21:16:08

Not at all-

Lower ground floor has the playroom/office and utility on, these rooms can only be accessed from the kitchen, a door hides the stairs down. There's windows at the top of these rooms just below the ceiling, these are street level, if you're outside looking in. Basement flat style, I suppose.
Then we have traditional terraced front room straight off the street, small hall which leads to kitchen diner (knocked through original large dining room with small extension on the back) our garden is through the doors at the back of the kitchen. HTH

BerylStreep Thu 19-May-16 21:22:05

Well I get our cleaners to do all the hoovering, bathrooms, changing sheets (on a rota basis, so not all at a time), mopping and dusting.

I / DH take responsibility for tidying, laundry, shopping, meals & dishwasher, which IMO is enough to be dealing with.

The cleaners come once a week, and it is so worth it.

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