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can I reattach this to the drum? pics!

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storybrooke Tue 17-May-16 08:34:39

This came out with the washing yesterday, the clips that slide on seem to be broken and there are sharp bits that I'm afraid will rip the clothes to shreds. I have lots of washing to do and it's only 4 years old!

I'm in denial. Can it be saved?

tharsheblows Tue 17-May-16 08:45:10

You can probably fix it! Find the model number then look on somewhere like or espares to get a spare part. The ukwhitegoods site has a forum too- I've never posted there but it's been useful to search through before!

storybrooke Tue 17-May-16 09:36:07

Thank you! Didn't think it'd be as easy as ordering a new part!

tharsheblows Wed 18-May-16 12:22:34

Ordering the part and trying to fix it myself works about 90% of the time for me. Often enough for it to make sense to do it but not a 100% success rate (notable failure was the fridge dying, there was a lot wrong with it and we ended up just getting a new one).

storybrooke Wed 18-May-16 21:09:30

Well this little beauty came direct from Amazon today (along with my niece and nephews birthday presents!) fits like a dream and tomorrow's washing is loaded and waiting.

So rather than obsessing over which new washer to buy and how many extra hours to work in sipping a glass of wine so honestly, thank you flowers

storybrooke Wed 18-May-16 21:10:51

Duh, picture!

tharsheblows Thu 19-May-16 11:33:47

Did it work this morning? Fixing things is so satisfying, isn't it? Welcome to the club! smile smile

storybrooke Thu 19-May-16 21:45:34

3 wash loads and all working fine! It really is, can't believe what a fast fix that was too. First wash it came off as I'd not jammed it in enough but as it was towels I wasn't bothered about them being damaged (they weren't thankfully!) but clothes and blankies all done.

Dh was hmm this morning when I said he'd better hurry in the shower as I couldn't wait to get the washing on!

tharsheblows Mon 23-May-16 15:26:12

Yay! And phew, I'm glad it worked. smile

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