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Looking for new hoover but so many dyson models! Can anyone recommend one?

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Trickymoments Sun 15-May-16 10:30:04

Our dyson has broken after 10 years so need to buy something else.

Looking online there are so many dyson models and quite varying degrees of price. What makes a hoover cost £300?!!

We have carpets upstairs & mostly laminate downstairs. I would like something not too heavy as I have arthritis. I like the idea of a handheld but guess that wouldn't be enough to do upstairs?

Can anyone help?

rachelgrier Mon 16-May-16 08:12:03

My Gran has arthritis in her fingers and i remember when we were looking for a new vacuum cleaner for her it was a nightmare, so many models to choose from and prices vary so much it's hard to tell weather it's going be any good or not. You say you have carpet upstairs and laminate flooring downstairs. We got my gran an Oreck upright vacuum cleaner It's very lightweight so it will be easy to pick up and take up and down the stairs without causing much strain on your fingers and it is height adjustable for different surfaces so for your carpets you can have have it set on a higher setting and for your laminate flooring you can set it to a lower setting. This is not a bagless hoover so you will need bags but they are fairly cheap and for a £200 hoover it's much cheaper then a dyson.

NicknameUsed Mon 16-May-16 08:30:00

Not Dyson
I bought this a few months ago and it is excellent.

I have bought vacuum cleaners from a local cleaning specialist for years and they really don't rate Dyson at all.

malin100 Wed 18-May-16 18:12:39

I got a cordless Dyson and love it. Also carpets upstairs and hard floors (laminate and tiles) downstairs. I contacted Dyson to ask which kind was best for both carpet and hard floors and got the v6 Total Clean. It's got the fluffy head that's great on hard floors and the powerful motorised one floor carpets, plus a mini motorised one I use on the stair runner. Got them to price match it to the Curry's sale price with loyalty discount for having had a Dyson before plus free extra attachments and carry case, free delivery and no questions asked returns if you don't like it within 2 weeks.

I thought the charge wouldn't be enough (2 bedrooms upstairs, stairs, living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom downstairs) but it is. The handheld part without the stick is great for the stairs and car, too.

HappydaysArehere Sat 21-May-16 08:46:52

Had one Dyson and it caught fire once and smoked another time. Disliked the bag less system as was messy when emptying so looked for another. Someone at John Lewis recommended Sebo as they were used in store. That was more than ten years ago. I loved it when I got it and still do. I remember the Daily Mail once publishing the Which results on vacuum cleaners and Sebo came top and Dyson near the bottom (build quality). A local shop used to sell Dyson but they stopped as there was too much trouble attached to them.

skivvywoman Sat 21-May-16 10:30:03

My neighbour has severe arthritis and she bought the cordless Dyson and loves it!

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