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Outdoor and indoor entrance mats... that stay in place!

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smilesandsun Fri 06-May-16 11:57:23

Hi Can anyone recommend mats for the outside and inside the door entrances of the house? I want to try and capture the dirt before its walked right through.

I'd like something that looks stylish and more importantly stays in place and is easy to clean.


wowfudge Fri 06-May-16 16:09:49

I can't promise stylish, but we have rubber honeycomb type outdoor mats. In the hall inside the front door is an inset coir mat. By the back door, a dirt trapper mat.

tonitaka27 Fri 06-May-16 17:09:28

I bought two mats for the outside and inside the door from IKEA. I have to say they are pretty good, they keep the dirt away. One has a Welcome sign really cute and the other one is with green and yellow flowers.

peppermum Fri 06-May-16 17:15:49

May not fit the bill as stylish but I have these and they are very hardwearing and do all the things your require!
I have this slightly more stylish one in my hall (looks better than in the pic) but needs replacing quite often

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