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cleaning cooking oil off kitchen cabinets

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southeastastra Sun 01-May-16 11:13:40

A tip: use neat vegetable oil to clean splattered cooking oil from cooker hoods, and kitchen units. I have only just discovered this so am keen to share grin

southeastastra Sun 01-May-16 13:27:47

this was a revelation to me! ;(

Rattitude Sun 01-May-16 22:33:13

oooh... How does it work? Would that work on my ceiling too?

(Having said that I have found that a microfibre cloth on my ceiling works well but I just need to get on with doing the whole ceiling rather than just the test patch.)

southeastastra Mon 02-May-16 18:59:08

I think it would work. Worth trying, I just put some veg oil on kitchen paper and rubbed it in !

renakaur Mon 02-May-16 20:23:30

Have you tried Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Cleaner It works wonders on cooking oil stains. I've used it many times when i've had cooking oil stains on my clothes and it works every time and am sure it will work on your cabinets too:-)

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