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WDYD with all the myriad sports bags?

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PettsWoodParadise Thu 28-Apr-16 23:35:30

So we have DD's swimming bag, PE kit, hockey kit, cross country kit, fencing kit. My flight bag, pilates bag. I am sure there are other similar types of bags we have packed ready to go to the regular sporting/hobby/fitness event.

I have a large sit on box in the porch that I try and cram most of the stuff into but that usually hides the muddy wellies I haven't got round to washing so isn't that capacious. I then end up hanging the swimming kit in the understairs cupboard but it isn't very accessible to put more in there and it is already crammed with lightbulbs and batteries and loads of stuff I won't bore you with. It is driving me nuts that there are always a few bags floating about the house, never put away, getting sat on by the cats etc, tripped over if kicked out from under a table. Sometimes our dining room looks like one of those places you leave luggage while you vacate your hotel room and wait for your flight home. I tried putting them down the back of the sofa but then it makes cleaning there and getting them out difficult. I appreciate I am probably talking about space some people don't have and it isn't a bad problem to have, but I am sure no matter what size of place you live in it must be a challenge.

I have a friend who puts all the stuff away in drawers and has just one or two bags she then gets the stuff into but I can't be dealing with that as I like to wash it, get it out and put it in the bag ready to go, the events are also too regular to be phaffing about with packing all the time IMO. I went to see a house once that had a 'luggage room' and it was my dream space where I had strong shelves in a room where I could slot my bags ready to whisk away at a moment's notice but still out of sight. Short of turning our spare bedroom into said space and Great Aunt Paradise having to staying in a hotel when she visits, what do you do? TIA for your wisdom.

MattDillonsPants Fri 29-Apr-16 02:19:07

Why have you got separate bags for PE swimming, hockey, fencing and cross country?

I would look to storing the clothing in drawers and cupboards and reducing her to one or two bags which need to be filled with the right kit when needed.

MinnowAndTheBear Fri 29-Apr-16 02:34:04

I agree with Matt unless you have the space to build some shelving somewhere. Is there room in your DD's bedroom?

BlueCowWonders Fri 29-Apr-16 05:23:51

Disagree with pp about not having separate bags -I've always had separate bags as it reduces my stress levels to have things ready to go and saves putting away/ getting our again/ mislaying things.
You need a series of hooks -try 3M as they don't mark- and get them as high as possible to utilise space.

PettsWoodParadise Fri 29-Apr-16 18:14:04

DD starts secondary in September and we plan to remodel her bedroom so will think how we can fit in the bags thing but there is just to much of it. If I put each bag in a row (log sides together so they take up the least room) on the eight seater dining table it covers the entire table. Sad thing is I can't leave them there or under. I have separate bags as all the kit is different, DD's fencing lot has nothing in common with swimming or with hockey - all the contents are unique. I just can't face packing bags as and when as the time it will take and the chance of missing something is too much of a stressball for me even though DD is pretty good at doing a lot herself. It then moves the problem onto the fact I don't have enough drawer space and how the heck do you shove a hockey stick and a foil sword in a drawer? I will see if I can clear out the understairs cupboard but it still won't have room for everything unless I get some Tardis magic from somewhere. Thanks for the ideas.

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