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Children and chores

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ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Wed 27-Apr-16 13:33:08

Just wondering at what age do you give your children little or bigger jobs to do and what these chores are.
Let's keep it simple and below age 11 (year 6).

Sometimes I forget to give mine more responsibility as they grow older - other times they just surprise me with what they are capable of doing already!

They already help out with a few things, but I'd like to add new tasks, but to spice it up I want to make "Wheel of Misfortune" grin - spin it and that's your job for the day or repeat for the week - and want to make sure the jobs are age appropriate.

(I'm going from younger to older, obviously what the younger ones can do so can the older ones)

So far we have:
DD (4) can peel carrots, pair her own socks, tidy up toys, put things in the bin, fold up cleaning cloths, wipe up little spills, carry empty plates etc to table or kitchen (and change a nappy on her teddy! grin

DS5 (6) peel potatoes, fold and put his clothes away, fold up hand towels, put clean cutlery away, make a jam sandwich

DS4 (9) hoover up, empty dishwasher, carry laundry basket up or down the stairs, make cheese on toast, use kettle & microwave, sort clean clothes into named baskets, put away shopping (fridge and cupboards), make the bed,
I think he can sew on a button but not sure.

DS3 (11) - empty washing machine and load tumble drier, wipe the floor with a mop

That's all I can think for now.
I don't iron anything but aware at some point I need to teach kids to do this.
Also when building work is done they will need to learn how to clean windows

What else? What do your children do?

(BTW I don't mean this as a competition, I'm just intrested in what others do and how to improve things in our house)

Amy214 Wed 27-Apr-16 14:16:09

Dd (2) can tidy away toys, put rubbish in the bin, dirty dishes in sink (she throws them but there plastic) carry empty plates, pretends to hoover (if only the toy ones picked up dirt!) wipe up food leftovers and spilled juice/water, put dirty clothes into laundry basket

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