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incywincybitofa Thu 21-Apr-16 15:53:22

I had decided I wanted a Rangemaster Professional today in the kitchen planning shop and then came home and read reviews, they are a mix of love it and don't love it, one complaint seems to be the grill, which to be fair I am worried about, how do you clean it????
But I would most likely use the griddle pan.

Also has anyone had a Rangemaster fridge?

LemonEmmaP Thu 21-Apr-16 17:07:40

We've got the Rangemaster professional 110, and have had it for a bit over 2 years now. On the whole I would say I'm happy with it. At the moment we've got a problem with it in that the fan over periodically shuts down for a bit - I assume there's some kind of cut out which is being activated as it comes back on about 10 minutes later. We've got a call out to Rangemaster to get this fixed, but as we're out of warranty it will have to be at our expense.

I think the issue with the grill is that it's set quite high and isn't adjustable. To be fair, we don't use the grill much so it's not a problem to us, but I can see that it would be problematic if you're used to grilling anything much thicker than a piece of toast. From a cleaning perspective, we just remove the grill tray to clean it, but as I say, we don't use it for anything particularly messy. I've never used the griddle pan so cannot comment.

I like the hob (we've got the dual fuel) and find it easy to use and clean. The fan oven is good (apart from the cut out issue I mentioned above) and I find that it's a reliable temperature, which is a positive for me as previous ovens have been variable! I would prefer if the second oven also had a fan option - as it is, we only use this oven when the other one is full (or not working!). I think that the oven could be larger - it surprised me that I couldn't use some of the oven trays that had previously been used in my mum's 50cm cooker, given that this cooker is more than double the width of hers. I also find that the controls for the timer get ridiculously hot when the oven is on. But those are pretty minor gripes really.

So personally, I would say that it's a pretty good all rounder. And it looks good too!

I can't help with the fridge - I still have my Mumsnet fridge from a product test many years ago!

incywincybitofa Fri 22-Apr-16 19:57:00

Lemon thank you that is a really helpful review
I have seen the Belling has a slow cooker in place of the plate warmer and I am wondering if essentially that is the same setting with different names- do you think it could be used as a SC?

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