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Marks on wooden kitchen worktops

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Curlybrunette Wed 20-Apr-16 13:30:57


We moved house last weekend and the new kitchen has wooden worktops. This morning we noticed what looks like 2 stains on the worktop. Have no idea what from, we didn't have a curry type tea last night or anything.

Surely they aren't that delicate (wooden worktops)? The guy who owned the house before us had the house for 3 years, surely if he can keep it stain free for 3 years we can't have stained it in 4 days?

Have any of you got wooden worktops, do you need to treat them regularly, what cleaning products do you use on them? I just use a normal kitchen spray, is that ok?


Curlybrunette Thu 21-Apr-16 10:37:19

Ignore the first part of my thread about stains, by the time I got home from work yesterday they were. I've realised the marks show up when the work tops are wet, but go away when they dry. I think I panic posted!

But I would be interested to know if I should use any different cleaning products on wooden worktops than on normal ones (I think the old ones were laminate)?

Flutterbye Thu 21-Apr-16 22:34:22

I've had wooden worktops for 10+ years. Use bleach v. sparingly and diluted. Other than that use usual stuff I think and you're meant to oil them whenever they start to go pale, I only do that about every 2 years though.

Curlybrunette Sat 23-Apr-16 20:14:49

Thanks for that flutterbye, I'll look in to getting some oil.


AgathaMystery Sun 24-Apr-16 00:18:41

I sand & oil mine twice a year. They have burn marks and other marks but I'm okay with that. They are super smooth & resus water which is what counts.

I also polish them with that wood polish that looks like a beehive...?

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