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If you were needing a cleaner.......

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joeythenutter Sun 17-Apr-16 16:06:02

What would make you choose someone as your cleaner? I have a couple of slots free in the week and am trying to get new clients. If you were reading an ad and needed one, what would make you pick someone. Trying to work out if I need to re-word my ad or anything to add to it. Was going to offer first clean at half price, but thinking I will probably get people with no intention of taking me on after. I am trying to stand out from other local cleaners, so what would make you pick that cleaner from others???? All advice much appreciated.

BackforGood Sun 17-Apr-16 22:49:59

Word of mouth recommendation.
It's quite a personal thing, to let someone into your home and see your mess. I personally wouldn't take someone from an advertisment, but I'd ask around friends / neighbours / colleagues.
Therefore might be worth you letting current clients know that you have a couple of free slots you'd like to fill, if they know anyone else who might be looking for a cleaner.

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Sun 17-Apr-16 22:53:43

I'm looking for a cleaner myself, think I'll go for a small Facebook advertised company

I require a degree of flexibility
I will be home whilst they clean
I need specific rooms/things cleaned, rather than entire house
Only need 2-3 hours per week
They say they use own products and cloths but my Hoover

WellTidy Wed 20-Apr-16 11:40:41

I've had a cleaner (the same one) for eight years. I liked her as she did ironing, in my home, too, after she cleaned. She stays for 6-7 hours and does a full clean and the ironing. I know that I could use a separate cleaning service, but I like the fact that it is all done on the day, no collection/drop off/waiting for it to come back etc.

She also does things like make the bed if I leave clean bedding on top.

And she takes in parcels if they're delivered when she is there.

A friend of mine's cleaner is also willing to collect a little bit of grocery shopping on her journey to work, so she can send her a text saying bread, loo roll, butter, milk or whatever please. And my friend then pays her for say 30 minutes of the cleaner's time in picking that up plus of course the cost of the items.

All helps so much.

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